September 9, 2023

“When you have that first conversation, your mind goes into overdrive, shuts down and a lot of information gets lost in the process. My Treatment allowed me to come back home, and at my own pace, catch up on a lot of the information surrounding my diagnosis.”

The quote above is from a patient that recently underwent treatment, and who in the process used our My Treatment app.

And to continuously improve our solutions, such feedback is crucial. Whether positive or negative, we must actively seek out and learn from the first-hand experiences of real-life patients.

That is exactly why our colleague Marie recently revisited her old uniform and embarked on a field trip, to meet with, and learn from patients at a Department of Oncology.

Because at its core, our My Treatment app is designed for those of us who at some point become patients in need of treatment.

This holds particularly true in the field of oncology, where many patients may feel overwhelmed by information. My Treatment aims to alleviate that feeling and empower patients to educate themselves on their situation. Our aspiration is that increased awareness, and easily understandable information will bring a sense of comfort to patients and their relatives.