Words from our CEO, Anders Nejsum

August 28, 2023

Our CEO Anders Nejsum believe a significant part of the answer lies in the word ‘we’:

If we are to solve some of the central challenges in our healthcare sectors, we must work together.

For the same reason, I’m incredibly proud that Visikon is a part of the SmartClinic project – a collaborative effort across the strait that separates Denmark and Sweden.

Together with Sjællands UniversitetshospitalSkånes universitetssjukhus (Skåne University Hospital), and Centre for Health Governance at Göteborgs universitet, the SmartClinic project has been awarded 9.7 million DKK by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak and is centered around inflammatory bowel disease as the main case.

In a patient-centric setup, the main goal is to develop a generic model for the control and treatment of patients with chronic diseases, primarily by utilizing self-monitoring tools supported by advanced digital technology.

For us at Visikon, this project speaks directly to our core belief: that digital healthcare education leads to better treatments and better lives for patients. At the same time, it’s a valuable steppingstone for us to gain even more experience from the Swedish market.

The kickoff is just a few days away on September 1, and we’re excited!

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