Health communication everyone understands

Health communication everyone understands

My Treatment™

My Treatment™ is an award-winning digital health educator developed in close cooperation with clinical experts. The app solution uses a simple visual universe to educate patients on everything – before, during and after treatment.

The solution provides just-in-time information with an adaptive notification system and comes with clinically validated content including options of in-app patient surveys, implementation support and monthly data monitoring.


To benefit across the healthcare sector, we offer high-quality digital health solutions and an array of services including consultancy.

We seek to create value for both healthcare consumers and healthcare professionals. With a track record of delivering specialised communication solutions for the healthcare sector, we have developed industry expertise and practical know-how.


Our solutions are based on research that supports the use of visual communication in improving health education and countering issues of health literacy.

Health economic research shows that patients who are given access to My Treatment™ place less strain on the healthcare system as opposed to patients exposed to conventional written health communication.

State Visit to Germany

November 12

This week we were part of the official Danish Healthcare Business Delegation at the Royal Danish State Visit to Germany.

We have participated in seminars, round-tables, conferences, site visits, networking events and dinners – discussing Digital Health with His Royal Highness, Ministers and Government Officials from both Denmark and Germany, new potential business partners from German hospitals and colleagues from our Danish industry.

We participated with our CEO Anders Nejsum as part of the Trifork delegation, consisting of Deputy Trifork CEO Jesper Grankær Carøe, Trifork CCO Digital Health Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen.