My Treatment™

Health communication everyone understands

My Treatment™ is a digital health educator developed for patients and citizens facing treatment. It serves as a personal and treatment-specific information portal – from the hospital or healthcare provider to the patient or citizen.

Developed in close cooperation with clinical experts, this digital health solution uses a visual language to educate and notify on everything – before, during and after treatment.

The patients are well-informed - and increasingly more involved in their own treatmentClinical specialist
"It is extremely valuable for us that the patients know what expect of them during the process. "Managing Chief Surgeon
MyTreatment has been well worth the investment costManaging Chief Surgeon

My Treatment™ features

  • Education before, during and after treatment

  • Adaptive notification system and language settings

  • Rehabilitation and training programs

  • Self-care instructions, symptom guides and FAQs

  • Share-with-Family function and much more

Value-adding at all levels

Patient & Family
  • Empowered and educated

  • Reminded of important tasks

  • 24/7 access to vital information

Hospital staff
  • Time and resource saving

  • Confident and prepared patients

  • One shared language

Hospital management
  • Reduced operative costs

  • Increased staff & patient satisfaction

  • Data analysis to improve services

Animations provide a better understanding

Treatment processes, which can seem simple and clear for healthcare professionals, often appear chaotic for the patients facing them. It can be difficult to absorb large amounts of health information and grasp the entire process at once.

Animated narratives provide patients with a better overview of their treatment. Visual language allows patients to develop a more complete understanding of their health and treatment over time, which can improve both treatment and recovery processes, and free up valuable time for health care providers.

A solution based on research

The My Treatment™ solution is based on research that supports the use of visual communication in improving health education and reducing the complexity of health information.

Research has proven that the usage of visual formats and animations can help to improve not only patients’ ability to understand and process health information but also their ability to actively act on health information.

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