About Us

Visikon operates in the intersection between creative audio-visual communication, cutting edge technology, clinical health care and scientific research. The result is innovative solutions with the potential to revolutionise health communication.

Our team consists of diverse industry expertise; from clinicians, health anthropologists, and animation designers to computer scientists, product designers, and innovation and business developers.

Our core competencies

We specialise in providing end-to-end digital health communication. By combining technology with clinical knowledge and animated narratives, we are able to help healthcare professionals educate patients and healthcare consumers in new ways.

Our primary focus is to build long-term partnerships and deliver high-quality solutions and services to benefit across hospitals, primary healthcare, governments, health insurance, life science and non-profit organisations.


Set new global standards for accessible and effective communication within health care to the benefit of both patients and healthcare professionals.


We fight the increasing cost of the healthcare sector by releasing the patients’ resources through digital health communication everyone on Earth understands.


Our work is driven by a desire to make a difference for patients facing treatments and to health care systems in need of innovative solutions to address real concerns.

Visikon Team

Anders Nejsum
Anders NejsumCo-founder / CEO
Ron Klaassen
Ron KlaassenSales Director
Alexandra Hougaard
Alexandra HougaardHead of Customer Experience
Gitte Kjær
Gitte KjærSales Consultant