Words from our CEO, Anders Nejsum

September 10, 2023

In close cooperation with Univ.Prof.Dr.med.habil Jens Faßl, FASE and his team of dedicated professionals from Herzzentrum Dresden GmbH Universitätsklinik, we have developed a tailored German version of MyTreatment – Meine Behandlung, that educates patients on anaesthesia ahead of heart surgery.

Not only, am I happy and proud that we get to take part in the continuous digitization of the German healthcare sector. Meine Behandlung also serves as a great testament to the importance of regional dialogue and collaboration, this time greatly facilitated by the Danish-German Hospital Alliance (DDKA).
It’s my hope that this kind of open exchange of knowledge and expertise will increase the value for all parties involved.

I look forward to following the progress in Dresden!

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