November 1

We have invited Marie Yde Bak on our growth journey, where she will contribute to create patient communication that everyone can understand.

As ‘Content Manager’, Marie is responsible for the development and scaling of our visually animated narratives. In close collaboration with clinical experts and animators, she ensures that the communication is easy to understand – based on the specific clinical context.

Marie has a background as a nurse, where she has worked in both private and public settings. Her heart beats for good patient communication and as digitalization was transforming the healthcare system, she chose, after 11 years as a nurse, to supplement the education with a master’s degree in IT, communication, and organization. With this interdisciplinary profile, she now, along with the rest of the team, makes sure to get the conventional written health information high up flying. And this is exactly where ‘My Treatment’ is our most important weapon, as it opens the door for health communication to reach completely new heights.

A warm welcome to Marie!