October 25, 2023

We went on a field trip to learn from cancer patients using animated narratives made by Visikon in their treatment.

Here are three key learnings.

As a preface, we found that patients struggle with a lot of the more traditional, text-heavy pieces of communication, leaflets, chemo-school etc. They express a feeling of often getting lost in different information and find it difficult to sort relevant from irrelevant.

The result is a feeling of being overwhelmed.

With these experiences in mind, we are exceptionally happy to learn that Visikon can help alleviate some of these feelings and provide patients with a sense of ‘staying on track’.

First off,

we learned that the animated universe of Visikon creates a shared understanding between patients and health care professionals, crafting a better foundation for dialogue.


patients view the app and its animations as a great aid in centralising all the important information in one place. A place they are able to come back to, independent from their treatment progress.

And finally,

patients appreciate that the audio/visual content illustrates the different thoughts and emotions that can arise during cancer treatment, regardless of background, language barriers, disabilities, or functional impairments.

This makes relating oneself with the animated universe a lot easier.

These findings, and the notion of a shared understanding, provide us with reasons to believe, that the animated universe from Visikon will further aid patients in the transition from one hospital to another, between departments, or from one treatment to the next.