The founding idea of Visikon is to create health communication everyone understands.

With our animated universe, we attempt to make life as patients facing treatment a little less complicated, while at the same time granting health care professionals more of what they often lack – time.

Too often, patients get lost in information overload.

This is not only overwhelming, but also leads to treatment cancellations, frustrations for both parties, and misunderstandings.

Our solution?

A treatment specific, animated universe right in your pocket.

Here we take you through all the necessary information, remind you when to start fasting, answer the most common questions, guide you through symptoms, and a lot more.

To make life easier, patients can share their treatment journey with their nearest family members to keep everyone in the loop.

Our approach does not eliminate the need for conversations with patients.

However, it does result in fewer cancellations, reduce phone calls with up to 40%, and shortens time spent per patient by up to 20 minutes.

Most importantly, patients feel better informed and prepared, making it easier having to go through treatment in the first place.

As a company, we were founded in Denmark in 2012, and today our animated solutions are used throughout municipalities, in hospitals, and health clinics.