Words from our CEO, Anders Nejsum

July 15, 2023

Through Visikon, I get to meet so many incredibly talented and thoughtful people and leaders in the healthcare sector.

I am fortunate to have many professional conversations but also more deep and reflective discussions about what is happening in the world, how we are humans and deal with challenges, and how we can create a better and more positive future for as many people as possible.

These conversations often happen when we meet in the context of traveling delegations and special events and spend time together outside the more formal business activities.

It’s inspiring, and it develops my imagination.
And that is the most important thing because it’s through our imagination and relationships that we shape the world every single day and create a shared life tomorrow.

After some busy months, I will soon slow down a couple of weeks, make space for more imagination, and spend time with my dear family and friends.

I wish you all a joyful summer.

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