January 8, 2024

What if simply making sure patients are informed, isn’t enough?

At the municipal dental care clinic in Aalborg, patients will from time to time have to cancel their appointment due to wrongful, or a complete lack of, fasting. An otherwise required element for treatment under general anaesthesia.

This, of course, makes treatment planning quite difficult.

Accordingly, we have developed a tailored set of animations to combat some of these challenges. At its core, this approach primarily changes how the clinic communicates with patients – not the actual information they convey.

As of our experience, audio/visual storytelling based on fictive, yet relatable characters, increases the level of understanding amongst patients.

Meanwhile, the clinic is ensured that all patients receive the exact same information as of the standardized animations – key to lessen the degree of misunderstandings.

So far, we are still very early in the process, but we are excited to follow the project closely and adjust the experience as we receive more feedback.

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