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The animated communication made by Visikon leads to strong patients, who can take care of themselves.

Through the online patient portal called My Treatment, we enable patients to become self-confident and well-informed. This reduces the length of stay and the staff's amount of time spent on each patient. Concurrently, the patients’ experienced quality of the treatment and of the hospital in general is increased.


My Treatment

Patients can find all the relevant information regarding their treatment and recovery, by visiting the online patient portal.

My Treatment is a digital platform developed for patients facing a hospital treatment procedure. The platform contains a sequence of animated narratives developed in close cooperation with the clinical experts at the hospital. In addition, My Treatment comes with training programmes, an interactive diary, symptomguides, the hospital’s own information material and much more.

My Treatment improves the quality

My Treatment reduces anxiety

My Treatment is the patient’s own information portal – from the hospital to the patient and the relatives.

Today, informative animations on My Treatment are increasing the knowledge and sense of safety among thousands of patients all over the country.

Based on scientific research results, Visikon has documented the amount of information a patient needs in order to cope with the situation before and after surgery. By watching animated educational films developed in close cooperation with the clinicians of the hospital, the patients feel much better prepared for hospitalisation and rehabilitation. This enhances the overall experience of quality among patients as well as relatives.

Anxiety among patients before surgery is perfectly normal. But anxiety also means that the patients may have some difficulty in coping with their own situation, which ultimately results in increased hospital expenses. With My Treatment the hospital can reduce patients’ anxiety before and after an operation – ensuing the patient’s ability to recover faster in his or her own home. This reduce expenses in all areas of the health care system.



A quick introduction to My Treatment

A short film about My Treatment


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Empirical research

Visikon can verifiably reduce anxiety in patients and save money for hospitals.

During three years of health care related studies, Visikon has documented that animated films constructed in the right way can reduce patient anxiety. Furthermore, simultaneous health care economic research has shown that patients who are given access to the platform of My Treatment strain the health care system much less than other patients.

My Treatment is based on research

Anxiety weakens the patient and costs money

Health care professionals working with Fast Track constitute the inspiration behind My Treatment. Click and listen to MD Martin Vesterby telling about the scientific research behind the solution.

It is perfectly normal to be somewhat anxious before an operation. But if the anxiety becomes too dominant, the patient’s ability to cooperate will decline. Click for more.

Reduced anxiety releases patient empowerment

The difficulty of communicating with patients

Strong patients who can take care of themselves are good patients. Click and listen to MD Martin Vesterby explaining how Visikon’s solutions are reducing patient anxiety.

It is difficult to communicate with patients. In a lot of cases, the patient does not understand the health care professionals. Click for more info on communication.


Continued studies to optimise animations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How did the idea of Visikon arise?

    The idea of Visikon arose because of a need and a demand. The scientific research which Visikon is based on meant that a number of clinicians began requesting the solution from the research project. To realise this and to lift the scientific research out of the university environment and the clinical unit, where the experiments originated, MD Martin Vesterby and animator Anders Nejsum founded Visikon together.

  • What was the scope of the first scientific research?

    The scope of the first scientific research project was to discover if patients could be educated to take better care of themselves during an accelerated treatment process. The idea was basically to educate and support patients in different ways, since they were hospitalised during such short time.

  • What did the scientific research conclude?

    First and foremost, the scientific research concluded that the solution is working. The patients’ anxiety score was significantly reduced after having watched the animation films – and the pressure on the ward staff decreased significantly. However, one of the most surprising results was the difference between the clinicians’ image of the patients’ needs and the needs actually expressed by the patients. The clinicians disregarded almost all of the social setting aspects including everyday life challenges such as rehabilitation, self-medication and transportation.


  • Do doctors and nurses not inform well enough?


    Yes, doctors and nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are excellent at informing today. But every time a health care professional provides a service for a patient, it is expensive. In addition, since the length of stay at hospitals all over the Western world is continuously decreasing, the option of taking time to inform and advise every single patient is also declining. This is why patients need some tools to be able to take the lead and do some of the work themselves. In this connection, My Treatment is the right choice.

  • What can animation films do?

    Animation films can visualise the situations which the patient will be going through during their treatment process. By visualising situations encountered in the future the patients will be exposed to their own process, considerations and concerns. In this way the patient will find it easier to cooperate with the health care professionals – as opposed to having e.g. an anxiety attack that makes it difficult for the patient to contribute positively.

  • Will all patients benefit from My Treatment?

    Yes, the vast majority of patients will benefit from My Treatment, either as a primary source of information for people having difficulty reading texts of high complexity or as a secondary source, for instance regarding rehabilitation exercises. In regard to scientific research, aspects validating the strength of My Treatment were found during the initial tests of the animations of the platform. Patients gaining a very high preoperative anxiety score all had their anxiety reduced to normal levels. However, there were people in the tests who became more anxious by watching the animation films. One of the explanations for this was the fact that the films conveyed information which the group of patients had not previously given thought. These patients were facing the imminent operation at the risk of reacting inappositely on the day of surgery. They were unique in the way that they had achieved an implausibly low anxiety score before watching the animation films. The films provided them with an insight in what was going to happen and thus an opportunity to handle the anxiety before being admitted to hospital. In this way, the patients were actually primed before the operation.

Watch 10 minutes of thorough and critical questioning of Martin Vesterby, and get the answers to anything from scientific research results to the tenability of the price of My Treatment.

Business Case

Experience shows that hospitals can make considerable savings by offering patients My Treatment.

The use of My Treatment implies a qualitative leap for patients and a reduced use of resources in the primary sector as well as at the individual hospital ward, and expenses are not just transfered but actually saved.

Reduced length of stay

The more anxious patients are, the more difficult it is to get them through a surgery process efficiently. My Treatment educates and informs patients in a way that contributes to a faster discharge from the hospital. This reduce the hospitals overall expenses.

Analyses show that patients who have had access to My Treatment will call the hospital less after the operation. The reduced number of calls will in itself save the hospital more than My Treatment costs.


Click to hear more

Less working hours

When well-informed patients arrive for surgery, the ward saves valuable time. Furthermore, well-informed patients ask doctors and nurses better and more relevant questions.


Click to hear more about the reasoning behind the solution.


Length of stay was reduced significantly in Silkeborg

In Gentofte the effect of My Treatment is being measured

More than 1000 patients at the largest orthopaedic-surgical ward in Denmark have access to My Treatment. The goal is to optimise the education of patients in order for them to be able to stand on their own feet again – better and faster. A study is measuring the effect.


Click to learn about Chief Surgeon Claus Munk Jensen’s expectations of My Treatment.

At the regional hospital of Silkeborg, Managing Chief Surgeon Søren Søndergaard Mikkelsen has no doubts that My Treatment has reduced the length of stay at his ward by several days. Today, his ward has one of the shortest length of stays in the country.


Click to read the entire case

My Treatment supports Fast Track

With an increased focus on fast releases following surgery, it is vital that the patient is equipped to be able to take care of himself or herself during rehabilitation. Visikon has documentation stating that My Treatment supports Fast Track.


Click and listen to MD Martin Vesterby explaining the Fast Track concept.

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The strong patient

Patients are receiving improved information and experience a higher quality of treatment when using My Treatment.

Educated patients are strong patients, and strong patients are better at managing the situation. And correct: We do say that we are ensuring the patients’ experience of quality and security. But what do the patients say themselves?

Click below and meet three Danes, who have all undergone surgery and used My Treatment.

Ms Helvig Marie Borgbjerg, age 67, had been limping with aches and pains in her right leg for several years – especially when going for long walks. It turned out that she was suffering from osteoarthritis, and for that reason she was admitted to The Regional Hospital of Silkeborg in November 2013 to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Click to read more

Mr Bjarne Kirk had been suffering from osteoarthritis for several years. Therefore, his right hip was replaced by a prosthesis in November 2013 at The Regional Hospital of Silkeborg.

Click to read more

”I felt secure throughout my entire hip replacement process”

“I had a good grip on my rehabilitation exercises with the Visikon web solution”


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A better world

Visikon also works for health care charities and NGOs struggling to save lives in the third world.

Visikon prioritize working with charities and NGOs because it makes sense to communicate through easily comprehensible animation films – particularly in developing countries with low levels of knowledge and poor literacy skills.

Animations to save lives in Ethiopia

Thousands of lives to be saved

Working closely with the humanitarian organisation of Maternity Worldwide and University of Copenhagen and University of Odense, Visikon have developed an app to save women in childbirth and their newborns. The app has been built on the same principles as My Treatment.  Read more here

According to the UN, 287,000 women die every year due to delivery complications.  This equals one woman every minute. 80 per cent of the fatalities derive from bleeding, infection, high blood pressure and obstructed labour. Research from Maternity Worldwide shows that thousands of women’s lives can be saved through simple, easily comprehensible communication.

Maternity Foundation App Visikon

See a film about Safe Delivery App

About Visikon

Visikon is a research based company specialising in audio-visual communications.


Visikon exists in the intersection between creative audio-visual communication,  technology, clinical health care, professional knowledge and scientific research. The result is innovative solutions with the potential to revolutionise the way patients meet hospitals – and hospitals meet patients.




Visikon supports and empowers patients and relatives in order to make health care more efficient. Our vision is to set new global standards for easily accessible and effective communications in health care to the benefit of both patients and professionals.

At Visikon we only develop solutions which address real concerns. We are driven by the thought of making a difference to patients facing challenging treatments – and to health care services in need of being able to treat more patients with no expected increase to the available resources. That is why we go to work.

Visikon need relations, which can contribute to making health care more efficient and patients less anxious. Please contact us if you share our thoughts and would like to hear more about the latest scientific research, analytics and other new stories within the area of patient empowerment.

Contact us

If you would like to hear more about Visikon or try out My Treatment yourself, please book a meeting – without obligation, of course. It would be our pleasure to be part of a dialogue regarding how you can let communications be part of your treatment and improve both quality and economy at the ward or the entire hospital.

Anders Nejsum Administrerende Direktør Visikon
Martin Vesterby Forskningsansvarlig Visikon
Martin Vesterby Forskningsansvarlig Visikon

Anders Nejsum


Martin Vesterby

Head of research

Mette Sondrup Bøegh

Nurse, Consultant

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Anders Nejsum holds a degree in character animation and has many years of experience within developing digital and visual communication strategies, operations and management.

Martin Vesterby is a trained doctor and has conducted extensive scientific research within the fields of fast track surgery and optimisation of patient education.

Mette Sondrup Bøegh is a nurse and holds a Master in Medical Anthropology, with several years of experience within clinical practise.

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